SUVI flooring is economic and modern choice on the floor, both indoors and outdoors. SUVI flooring looks like a textile flooring but it has all vinyl’s good features – the durability and maintenance. It can be used in different public buildings like offices, hotels, banks, schools, medical practices and shops. It can also be used in private residences like in kitchens, balconies and stairs. It is hardwearing material, easy to install and keep clean. SUVI flooring works very well as sound and thermal insulator and it is fireproof. The colors of the product are very sustainable even under UV light.

SUVI flooring can be cut in any direction without the risk of fraying. It is ready for use right after installation. The product is hygienic and easy to keep clean due to its water and dust repellent surface.

The production method of SUVI flooring is the main difference when comparing it to the other PVC flooring materials. The weaving of PVC material is sensitive process which requires a lot of know-how. Our long experience in weaving industry guarantees the quality of the SUVI flooring.

We have about 50 different colors in our SUVI Flooring collection. The products will be delivered in rolls and tiles.

Roll widths: 2 m, 70 cm, 50 cm

Tile sizes:  25×50 cm, 50×50 cm, 100×100 cm and triangles ( different sizes available )