Korpela Flooring is Finnish family company. We have specialized in woven vinyl floorings.

Our history dates back to the late 1960s when brothers Seppo and Yrjö started to sell rugs after the older brother received a driving license. They went around Finland by selling traditional Finnish rugs at market places and door-to-door. Couple of years after, in 1972, they bought their first weaving machine and their own carpet factory was born. The factory is located in small village, called Kauhajärvi, where the beautiful small lake is in the heart of the village. Kauhajärvi is located in western Finland, about 400 km from Helsinki to north.

The second generation has started to run the business from January 2014 onwards. While the new generation entered into business, the company name was also changed from Korpelan Kutomo to Korpela Flooring to serve better our international customers.

Nowadays cousins Tanja and Jussi are working in the company. Tanja is responsible for the sales and marketing and Jussi is running the production side.

Tanja ja jussi













Below pictures from the founders of company and the buildings where the company has been located from the beginning.

Nettisivujen kuvia1